About Odda Upper Secondary School

Odda vidaregåande skule/Odda upper secondary school

Odda vidaregåande skule / Odda upper secondary school (ODV) is a college and vocational school. The school was established in 1916 (100 years this year) and has solid roots and great expertise in educating. This year it will be approximately 70 staff members (42 teachers) and 370 students. Our students come from all over Hordaland in Norway, but mostly from Hardanger region.
The college consist General studies within academic specialization and athletic, vocational school and a senior VET school. The vocational school covers five branches (health and care, building and construction, electrical engineering and technical and industrial production).  In our school we also have general studies and department for athletic disciplines.

We also offer adult education and we arrange courses for businesses and the public authorities.
The students of the school have a diverse cultural and educational background due to an allocation of different nationalities, ethnic minorities and different cultures in the area.

ODV has done a lot in order to integrate students with different backgrounds into vocational education e.g. mentor arrangements, flexible training models, cooperation with parents, enterprises and social partners. Further, the school has carried out comprehensive competence development of teachers and managers.

Odda Upper Secondary School has a long and positive experience in working with entrepreneurship and has for many years took part in competitions  at national level and won many awards for this work.

ODV has participated in a large number of national and international projects as partner and as coordinator. This is the first time we submit the application and will be Erasmus+ KA2 coordinator.
ODV will coordinate the project and is responsible for dissemination of results outside the partnership, overall dissemination, website/blog, promotion material, compiling and editing newsletters, brochures and graphical layout.

ODV has a manager for international projects and partnership, which is responsible for running the economic management of projects. In the proposed project, the department manager Geir T. Rønningen will be in charge of the project financial management checking documentation and eligibility of occurred costs from the project partnership. The school will set up a dedicated project account system within the ODV administration so all cost types can easily be retrieved, documented and monitored.

We want our students to learn and enjoy. The vision of our school is to be a good place to stay and a good place to learn.