About Solaris FZU gGmbH

The non-profit private organization solaris FZU was founded in 1993.
The company promotes and offers social work, measures of youth welfare and a wide range of educational activities such as: vocational- and study orientation, extracurricular and occupational education and workshops for students and trainers.
Moreover, solaris FZU is committed to numerous projects of integration of socially excluded and disadvantaged people (e.g. with physically and mental health problems, facing social issues people, emigrants, long-term unemployed people, low-educated and low-skilled young people).
For people who are long-term unemployed a lot of educational and employment projects are implemented. Many activities are co-financed by European programmes, such as the national ESF, the former Lifelong Learning programme as well as the ERASMUS+ programme.
The company is also engaged in activities concerning intergenerational work, cultural projects and projects using lifelong learning methods.
It supports and operates different own institutions, most of them as a part of YOUTH sector such as:
(1) Technical and environmental learning facilities for young people: fully equipped workshops in natural sciences such as chemistry, renewable energy, informatics and electronics, paper manufacturing, bookbinding and printing;
(2) Youth club: recreational activity and social integration;
(3) Space Centre “Sigmund Jähn”: interactive centre for children and young people interested in astronomy, meteorology or aerospace technology;
(4) Chemnitz Art factory: a wide range of art disciplines for young people, such as woodworking, lithography, woodcut printing, pottery, painting, sculpture and metal work, theatre, graphic design;
(5) High rope centre: experiential education and outdoor activities;
(6) Multi-generational house: extracurricular youth education and a wide range of complimentary or affordable leisure activities for all ages

The company is responsible for the development, organization and implementation of various educational competitions for children and young people. In this field it cooperates with school clubs, social partners and with more than 200 schools. The most important regional contests are:
- Youth contest for solar mobiles (solaris Cup) in the Saxonian cities of Chemnitz, Dresden and Leipzig
- Regional contest for young researchers in scientifically subjects
- Paper bridge contest
All the activities are accompanied and supported by social workers or special educated employees. A significant number of volunteers is involved and supports different activities.

Beside this activities Solaris FZU employ some social pedagogic workers in local schools and provide own school clubs and own extracurricular educational activities.

As a recognition of its involvement, Solaris FZU has been honored with several awards: German Youth Welfare price 1994 and 2004, Silver medal for environmental services by the city of Chemnitz, Disabled friendly company, First Saxonian award for integration, National MINT Ambassador, Company for tolerance award.

In all the economically and social context, the company has established some alliances and joins various local networks. Examples are the network for culture and youth; the regional association for youth education facilities in Saxony; the local alliance for families; the national association of youth science laboratories and the alliance of multi-generational houses.

The organization is able to present and to discuss their own successful activities for all the represented target groups. In a process of partner meetings, it’s possible to identify best practice examples and to adapt successful activities of transnational partners into own work.

The company always includes young disadvantaged people beside own employees into project implementation to gain new learning and teaching experiences as well as to test new methods and tools.

The results of such local work will be part of the final project outcome - a practical handbook with examples, practical instructions and methods for organization who may interested to implement innovative work in similar ways.