About Srednja dugo Selo

The logo of Srednja škola Dugo Selo

Srednja škola Dugo Selo was established in 2002. and now we have 780 students and 79 staff members (67 teachers).
195 students involved in the general education, are preparing for State graduation exams and they will continue education at some of a University.
315 students involved in the four years vocational education, economist and computer tehnicians, are preparing for work. They can also take the State graduation exams and continue education on a University.
270 students iinvolved in the tree years education, hairdressers, installers of heat and air conditioning, plumbers, gass installer, electricians, electromechanic and car mechanic, are preparing for work.
Also our school offer adult education, enginering technicians  and electrician.

The teaching staff experiences on a daily basis professional
training, both in professional and the scientific fields,which is mainly organized by the National Agency of Education.
 In our school we use e-register as we have introduced information and communication technology in the teaching process.  Every teacher in our school has their own iPad. The school is equipped with computer equipment, and there are specialized technological classrooms with video-conferencing equipment.

We achieve excellent cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and employers at which our students are attending the practical part of their education. Standard classes, excursions,visits to manufacturing facilities and cultural events are an integral part of our pedagogical and educational work. We encourage a competitive spirit; in sports competitions as well as in vocational knowledge and skills (We won 1st place on the National Competition in
Handball and 1st place in a National competition in Mechanics in 2015).

 We put a special emphasis on educational work with students. We take care of their needs in the socio economic environment and cherish them in the way that we help them with whatever is necessary.Guided by the
idea that every child who enters our school will successfully finish it, we raise the level of education on a level of mutual cooperation: student-teacher-parents.

SŠ Dugo Selo participated in same national project and internacional project but this is the first time we will be Erasmus+ KA2 partner.